Bankruptcy protection has a negative stigma attached to it. This shouldn’t be the case because bankruptcy is a valuable tool for people who are swimming in debt because of reasons they can’t control.

We realize that things like medical bills or a job loss can cause undue financial strain on you. Even if you don’t have any problems paying your credit card bills and other debts before the life-changing event, you might not be able to make it work after the event. This is where bankruptcy can come into the picture.

When you are trying to determine if bankruptcy is an option for you, think about how much stress you are under. You might not want to answer the phone or check your mail because you just can’t handle having to hear or see another demand for money. This is one area in which bankruptcy might help you.

Filing for bankruptcy can help to stop creditor harassment. Once you file, creditors must stop collection attempts due to the automatic stay that is issued upon filing. This can help you to reduce some of the stress of the situation. You will be able to answer the phone or grab the mail without having to worry about seeing demands for payments.

If you are ready to file for bankruptcy protections, you will have to determine which chapter to file. This is a big decision. We can help to explain the two types main types of personal protection so that you can make a determination. Once we have that information, we can move forward with getting you the court protection that you need.