Millennials are often being touted and lauded for their financial acumen, their lack of reliance on credit cards and also their wise relationship decisions about marriage. However, one area that has certain financial analysts concerned is that millennials don’t appear concerned about their partners’ existing debt levels. Eighty-eight percent of Americans 65 years of age and up believe that debt levels are an area of concern to be looked at when choosing a romantic partner, whereas only 67 percent of millennials think so.

Experts argue, however, that debt should be a concern — especially the type of debt. For example, is the debt the result of poor financial decisions regarding credit cards? Or, is the debt a mortgage on a home or an education loan, which may be an indicator of financial stability and good decisions more than anything else?

If a millennial is dating someone with a big credit card debt problem, it might represent a financial red flag to consider before going deeper into the relationship. It could be a sign that the person is financially unstable and could require bankruptcy later on down the road. Since money and debt problems are the cause of numerous divorces and result in the end of a lot of different marriages, debt levels should definitely be an area of concern.

Ultimately, if a millennial makes a marriage decision based on debt, it will be a personal one. After all, every romantic relationship is different and, even if a romantic partner is having financial trouble, there may be solutions available that can be employed before marriage — such as the bankruptcy process — which can bring the person into better financial standing efficiently and effectively.

Source: Forbes, “The Financial Talk All Millennials Need To Have This Valentine’s Day,” Alexandra Talty, accessed Feb. 02, 2018