Disputes are an inevitable part of doing business, and as a business owner, you likely resolve conflicts on a near-daily basis. However, sometimes disputes rise to a level in which you no longer can handle them on your own, and you may need legal assistance.

Judging whether or not you need to bring a lawyer into the situation is not always clear-cut when it comes to business disputes. Sometimes the conflicts are so severe that the need for an attorney is apparent, but other times you may be undecided. Here is some information regarding the benefits of calling in an attorney to help you resolve your business dispute.

Contract disputes

Contract disputes are some of the most common types of business disputes that business owners run into. If you have contracted with a supplier or a service provider, and then the other party does not honor the obligations according to the agreement, you may need legal assistance to help recover damages. On the flip side, sometimes businesses are sued by contractors or clients. If you are headed to court, you likely need to hire an attorney with experience in contract disputes to navigate your way through the conflict.

Other types of business disputes

Business disputes can arise in other areas, such as with shareholders, creditors, construction or partnerships. The first thing you may want to do is to explore options that help you avoid protracted courtroom litigation. Your circumstances may be ideal for an alternative dispute resolution method such as arbitration or mediation. Although these solutions do not involve a court hearing, many businesses choose to hire an attorney to help gather evidence and represent them in negotiations or before the arbitrators.

In litigation, not only does an attorney fight for a company’s best interests, he or she may help prevent negative publicity and other side effects of a public court battle.