Protecting your business reputation

One of the most valuable assets in your business is your reputation. A damaged reputation can lead to severe financial consequences to the company. Every business owner has the legal right to protect his reputation against false statements made by other people or business competitors. As defamation lawsuits can get complex, our attorneys at The Dodds Law Firm can help you understand what defamation entails and what laws protect you against it.

The laws covering defamation lawsuits vary by state. But in general, there are three criteria that must be met: a false statement, and evidence that the statement was made in writing or verbally given to another person, and the statement results in damaging the business.

Business defamation cases are a complex type of civil litigation action. Corporations have a limited time within which to bring a lawsuit after publication or discovery of the harmful, untrue statement. Contact an attorney as soon as possible to protect your business’ reputation through a defamation claim.

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Know what constitutes defamation.

Any statement, when proven false, constitutes defamation. You have a strong case if you can present objectively that the harmful statement made against you or your business is false. For example, if your competitor accused you that you discriminate against women during hiring, you could prove that the claim is false by showing employee records on the number of women you have hired in your business.

Gather evidence.

If you are claiming defamation, you need to show that the statement was false and made to third parties. This could be in the form of a written publication in a newspaper, a post in an internet forum, or verbal communication to a third party.

Demonstrate the resulting damages.

Our Suprise Arizona attorneys can help prove that the false statement resulted in damages to your business reputation. This can be in the form of losing customers, or a financial loss because of your damaged reputation. In some states, you may even seek punitive damages against the defendant’s unlawful conduct.

If you need to speak with an experienced consumer protection lawyer, contact The Dodds Law Firm. Our attorneys offer a consultation to discuss your case.