Consumers are protected by a number of laws whether they are making a purchase at a local grocery store or dealing with a credit card agency and a situation of debt. The type of laws that protect your rights depend on your location and the consumer transaction that is at hand. While most consumers know they have basic rights such as those that protect against deceptive advertising or creditor harassment, it can be difficult to know exactly how you are protected when a dispute arises.

If you feel like you have been injured or sustained damages because of the unfair, illegal or unethical acts of a business, then you might be able to seek a legal settlement or conclusion to the matter. The options for legal solutions all depend on the exact case and might include remuneration for wrongs done to you or the cessation of creditor harassment.

Our office works closely with clients who feel they have been wronged by service providers and others who are in a position to bill incorrectly or collect incorrectly on debts. Some providers that might act in this manner include credit card companies, banks, phone and utility providers, auto and auto loan companies, mortgage companies, airlines and medical billing companies.

Not every case of incorrect billing is a case of illegal or unfair practices. Some providers simply make mistakes. Sometimes, however, those mistakes are pointed out and the provider does nothing to correct the situation. In such cases, and in cases where incorrect or unlawful collections procedures are knowingly entered into, our office can help you seek a legal solution to the matter.