Probably the most insidious kind of debt relates to credit cards. Indeed, it is so easy to use a credit card to make up for that tiny bit of cash each month that is missing. However, if an Arizona resident is not earning enough income to pay his or her bills each month, making up the difference with a credit card can quickly spiral out of control until debt levels pile up so high that they are impossible to pay down.

At the Dodds Law Firm, we deal with Arizona residents every day who have fallen into the difficult position of having a credit card debt situation that is completely out of control. Furthermore, we have seen examples of the many stories of how this can happen — from individuals who are faced with a sudden financial calamity, to people who lost jobs, to people 1000 generic valium needing to pay for an emergency medical procedure and many other kinds of circumstances.

If you are currently in the throes of credit card debt that you cannot pay off, we want you to know that help may be available through the bankruptcy process. Whether you choose Chapter 7 proceedings, Chapter 13 proceedings or some other type of debt resolution strategy, the Dodds Law Firm can help you evaluate your current financial circumstances to determine which type of debt resolution strategy is right for you.

Once you choose how you are going to resolve your debt, though, you may want legal assistance to carry out the process. While it is possible, in some cases, for a layperson to manage his or her own bankruptcy proceedings, there are a lot of potential areas for pitfalls, so professional legal assistance is always advised.