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In most circumstances, the Will, sometimes known as the Last Will and Testament, is not called into question. This is a perfect circumstance. However, there are times when the distribution of the decedent’s property after his or her death is wrongful and inaccurate. For example, a family-member is intended to get a greater inheritance than what was stated in the letters-testament of the estate assets. These occurrences are possible, but they are rare. However, keep in mind that if not settled by legal process, a will may suddenly become a cause of family discord and chaotic conflict. Thus, the crucial question that one needs to answer is “who can challenge a will? In Arizona?

Dodds Law Firm in Arizona can assist you if you need legal assistance in these situations. With extensive knowledge and experience in the legal procedure regarding Trusts, Wills, and Estates, our competent legal team is committed to providing you with prudent and satisfactory solutions so that you may go forward and make wise decisions. We have handled and won even the most complex cases in Trusts, Wills, and Estates. We are always available and responsive; if you want to talk about your case, start a consultation now!

Why do I need a Wills Attorney in Arizona?

Who Can Challenge a Will arizonaYou should not let any last wills have a negative impact on your family relationship, especially with a loved-one. If a will is not correct, you still have alternative options. You can contest the will on a number of grounds in order to have it declared legally null and void. Once this is affirmed by the probate court, the estate then passes to you or other interested parties, pursuant to the intestacy laws of Arizona. Because the probate process is quite complex, you should look for suitable qualities in a Trusts, Wills, and Estates lawyer before hiring them.

  • Empathy. Your probate attorney should be able to put himself in your shoes, carefully understand your case, and effectively answer your queries and concerns. It is also advantageous if your lawyer has substantial expertise in teaching and understands the importance of listening.
  • Extensive Experience. Aside from litigation and legal expertise, a solid educational background is also necessary. Before hiring them, you need to check their profile. This quality also includes years of experience practicing in estate law. It helps to ensure that your lawyer has dealt with challenging and complex wills and probate cases.
  • Specialization. If you want to contest a will, you need to find a lawyer who specializes in that area. You don’t want a criminal lawyer handling his first case in contesting a will. Make sure the person you hire specializes in Trusts, Wills, and Estates.
  • Availability. In contesting wills and trusts, the beneficiaries are likely to have disagreements that will entail the mediation of an objective estate lawyer. If so, you need a responsive attorney who is always available to render service or have a consultation according to your desired time. 

These are only a few of the positive characteristics possessed by Dodds Law Firm’s attorneys. Dan Dodds, our founding attorney, has vast expertise handling probate issues. He also has teaching experience, which has allowed him to develop the ability to carefully listen to all queries and concerns. Tejay Coon is a member of his legal team. Visit our website now to discover more about us. We are committed to assisting you and are accessible when you encounter problems with Bankruptcy, Civil Litigation, Family Law, and Trusts, Wills, and Estates. Have a case evaluation now! 

A Will & Trust in AZ to Protect Your Family

Thinking about one’s mortality is not something most people like to do, but planning for the unthinkable is a must for every Arizona father, mother, home or business owner. Our estate planning attorneys can help you prepare for and protect you, your family and your assets from lawsuits, taxes, probate and long term care. Call to speak to an Arizona Will & Trusts attorney today.

What is Estate Planning?

Estate-planning is the legal procedure that will serve to manage the assets of the estate when he or she is deceased. The estate planning documents include the bequest of assets to heirs, as well as the payment of estate taxes. In most cases, preparing for an estate plan is done with the help of an estate planning lawyer, which has extensive knowledge in probate laws. 

What Qualifies as a Last Will and Testament?

Before deciding to challenge a will, it is necessary to know and understand what qualifies as a legal estate planning document. Under the Arizona state law, a person may only execute a will if he or she is 18 years of age and of sound mind. The will may be considered a valid legal document if the author affixes his or her signature on it and if two witnesses also initial and sign the will. If any of these conditions are not met, the Will may be declared invalid. 

Who Can Challenge a Will in Arizona?

In determining who can challenge a Will in Arizona, the primary question that needs to be addressed is who are the beneficiaries of the will? Checking on people mentioned in the will can provide an answer to this query. It can be children, surviving spouses, grandchildren, or other relatives. It can also include friends, universities, faith communities, charities, or even pets. As long as one is a beneficiary, he or she can challenge the will. 

  • Heir Can Challenge a Will. In most cases, the beneficiaries of the Will are named before the heirs. The reason is that under the inheritance law, relatives can inherit even if the person died intestate. This is called intestate succession and qualifies spouses, grandchildren, adult-child, siblings to be the heirs. A will can be freely challenged by the heirs if an error or disproportion is evident in the inheritance. The heirs have a valid legal standing to challenge a Will because under the laws of interstate, they will receive a share. 
  • Minors Can Challenge a Will. A minor cannot challenge a Will, unless he or she reaches the age of majority. The precise reason is that minors are not legally allowed to initiate probate proceedings. However, a legal representative appointed through guardianship can contest a will on their behalf.

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The procedure for contesting a legal Will is not straightforward. Given the complexities of the probate procedure, you need the assistance of an experienced lawyer. If you or someone you know needs to challenge a Will in Phoenix, Arizona, Dodds Law Firm is the ideal choice; we specialize in Trusts, Wills, and Estates and have numerous years of practice settling complicated cases. Our compassionate attorneys are always ready to give high-quality legal services.

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