Does Your Child Deserve Financial Support?

How Much Should I Pay For Child Support?

If you need an attorney to protect your rights in a child support matter, contact The Dodds Law Firm. We represent clients in a wide range of family law matters involving child support obligations, including:

  • Divorce
  • Paternity
  • Child support modifications
  • Child support enforcement

Our attorneys are committed to providing each of our clients with quality legal representation and superior client service. To schedule a consultation with an attorney at our firm, contact The Dodds Law Firm.

We Solve Legal Problems for AZ Parents & Families

Matters involving family law, divorce, child custody & support in Arizona are tough on parents, children and families in general. We take a caring & compassionate approach to these types of cases. We’ll hold your hand through the tough parts, stand up for you when you can’t, and fight for what is right from day one. Call now to speak to an experienced family law attorney.

Arizona Child Support Laws

The Arizona child support guidelines provide a mathematical formula for determining child support. Courts utilize the guidelines as the basis for determining the amount of child support that a parent will pay or receive. Therefore, it is important that these calculations be done correctly.

When retained, one of the services that we will perform on your behalf is the child support calculation. We have the knowledge and experience necessary to handle unique issues that may arise in child support cases, including:

  • Imputing income to voluntarily unemployed parents
  • Cases involving children with special needs that may involve higher costs of care
  • Determining the net income of a self-employed parent
  • Other complex child support matters

We work closely with you, take the time to understand your financial information, and work diligently to protect your and your children’s legal rights.

Child Support Modifications

We represent clients who are seeking or opposing a child support modification. If you feel you should be paying less child support or receiving additional child support, contact our attorneys for assistance.

We can perform a child support calculation on your behalf to determine if pursuing or defending against a motion for a child support modification is appropriate. If you have grounds for seeking or defending against a child support modification, we will prepare and make all necessary filings with the court, negotiate with opposing counsel on your behalf to seek a resolution of your child support dispute, and if it becomes necessary, we will vigorously protect your rights before the court.