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Marriages often begin with starry eyes and emotions of “never would I divorce you, never would I harm you,” and so on. As humans, we have the desire to be happy – which is reasonable – yet life occurs, couples confront obstacles, and marriages do end.

Fortunately, the Dodds Law Firm is here to help, providing educated and experienced legal advice in prenuptial agreements. Our Surprise, AZ, prenuptial agreements attorney has the knowledge and experience to resolve any issues that may arise throughout your marriage, including prenuptial and postnuptial agreements.

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Why Do I Need a Prenuptial Agreement Attorney in Surprise, AZ?

A skilled prenuptial agreement attorney can assist you and your spouse with what is best for your future. Since these agreements can be challenging to discuss with your significant other, and many people are concerned that even the notion of a prenup agreement will offend their spouse, a divorce attorney may be the best person to convey the scene. It is critical to note that both parties must sign the prenuptial agreement. As a result, it is only lawful if both parties agree upon the conditions. Dodds Law Office works with couples who want to be happy while being reasonable.

Consider the following when choosing a prenuptial agreement attorney:

  • Expertise in a particular case: Expertise in comparable cases is one element to consider while looking for the best prenuptial agreement attorney for you. Look for a lawyer specializing in the areas applicable to your situation. Dodds Law Firm, PLC has proven throughout the years that we can deal with any difficulty. Our experienced family law attorney takes a comprehensive approach to provide dependable legal services on everything from marital agreements (post nuptial agreement and prenup) and child custody to civil litigation and bankruptcy.
  • Understands the laws of the jurisdiction: State rules on land vary widely. A prenuptial agreement lawyer conversing with local legislation is your best bet. It makes sense to hire an attorney familiar with Arizona law and how to get the best possible result in Arizona. Fortunately, our legal staff is here to help.
  • Creates a legal prenup: The last thing you want to discover while completing your divorce is that your prenuptial agreement is unlawful or unenforceable. For example, suppose the substance of the contract is unclear. In that case, if the conditions are unjust, or it is demonstrated that one party was forced to negotiate or sign under duress, the contract would not be enforced. Luckily, the Dodds Law Firm, PLC, is skilled in drafting prenuptial agreements.

What is a Prenuptial Agreement?

A prenuptial agreement (prenup) is a written contract between two persons before they marry. A prenuptial agreement generally details all of the property (as well as any debts) each individual has and states what each person’s property rights will be after the marriage.

In some states, a prenuptial agreement is known as an “antenuptial agreement,” or in more modern terms, a “premarital agreement.” Sometimes, the word “contract” is substituted for “agreement,” as in “prenuptial contract.” A postnuptial, “postmarital,” or “marital” agreement is made during the marriage rather than before.

Who Needs a Prenuptial Agreement?

 Prenuptial Agreements Attorney Surprise AZContrary to common belief, prenups are not exclusive to the wealthy. While prenuptial agreements are commonly used to preserve the assets of a wealthy fiancée, couples of modest means are increasingly turning to them for their interests. 

Some people seek a prenup for the following reasons:

  • Children from previous marriages should be given separate property. 

A couple with children from previous marriages may use a prenup to specify what will happen to their property when they die, allowing them to leave separate property to their children while still providing for each other if required. Without a prenuptial agreement, a surviving spouse may be entitled to a considerable percentage of the other spouse’s property, leaving considerably less for the children.

  • Make your financial rights clear. 

Couples, affluent or not, with or without children, may desire to clarify their financial rights and duties throughout a marriage.

  • Avoid arguing in the event of a divorce.

 Alternatively, they may wish to avoid possible problems if they ever divorce by stating in advance how their property will be divided and if either spouse would get alimony. (However, a few states will not allow a spouse to give up the right to alimony, and in most others, an alimony waiver will be severely investigated and will not be enforced if the spouse giving up alimony did not have a counsel.)

  • Obtain debt protection. 

Prenuptial agreements can also be used to shield couples from each other’s debts, and they can handle a variety of other difficulties.

How Can You Form A Legally Binding Prenuptial Agreement?

As prenuptial agreements grow increasingly widespread, the law becomes more accommodating. Prenuptial agreements were traditionally viewed with suspicion by courts because they nearly invariably required a concession of legal and financial benefits by a less affluent spouse. These were seen to increase divorces.

As divorce and remarriage have grown more common, as has gender equality, courts and legislators have become more likely to honor prenuptial agreements. Every state now allows them, albeit a prenup deemed unfair or fails to fulfill state standards will still be rejected.

However, because courts continue to scrutinize prenups, you must discuss and draft your agreement intelligibly and legally soundly. If you design your agreement, which we advocate, you should have independent attorneys examine it and, at the very least, brief you on it. Otherwise, a court is considerably more likely to dispute its legitimacy.

A Prenuptial Agreement’s Purpose

A prenuptial agreement can help you in various ways. For example:

  • Simplify court proceedings: A prenuptial agreement can significantly decrease the issues that arise after a divorce.
  • Peace of mind: It might be reassuring to know that if you and your spouse decide to divorce, you will not lose everything.
  • Avoid harming your children throughout the divorce: Some ugly divorces have significant consequences for small children who become unwilling participants. A written contract outlining the children’s care can help avoid this heated dispute.
  • Protect children from past marriages: A prenuptial agreement allows you to leave possessions to your children instead of your spouse.

What is the Function of a Prenuptial Agreement in Arizona?

Arizona is one of the United States of America’s nine “community property states.” This means that all property acquired by either spouse during the marriage is communal property. Couples with a legislative exemption, such as a prenuptial agreement, are excluded from this regulation.

Furthermore, prenuptial agreements handle the death of a spouse. Some examples of Arizona prenuptial agreements are shown below:

  • You can include assets obtained before marriage and explain what you intend to do with them. You might, for example, offer them to children from a previous marriage. You may care about a charity and want to contribute your possessions.
  • You can discuss various financial concerns, such as who is accountable for specific commitments, what proportion of the cash belongs to the individual, and which will be divided equally by the couple.

However, in Arizona, if the couple enters into a prenuptial agreement, they can designate what is considered community property and what is considered individual and private property. A prenuptial agreement is a fantastic instrument for protecting your hard-earned immovable assets since it may clarify the rights and duties of the spouses both throughout the marriage and in the event of a divorce.

What Happens If You Do Not Have a Prenuptial Agreement in Arizona?

Arizona law will determine who owns the assets acquired during marriage if you do not sign a prenuptial agreement. Similarly, if you divorce or die, the court will decide what happens to it.

The law regards marriage as a social contract between the couple, and that relationship imposes some automatic property rights on each spouse. Suppose a couple does not sign a prenuptial agreement. In that case, a spouse usually has the following rights:

  • Have co-ownership of marital property with the expectation of sharing the property in the event of the spouse’s death or divorce.
  • Incur debts the other spouse may be obligated to repay throughout the marriage.
  • Participation in the operation and management of any marital or communal property, including the ability to sell or give it away.

If these rules, known as marital property, divorce, and probate laws, do not suit you, it is time to consider a prenuptial agreement!

What Constitutes a Valid Prenuptial Agreement in Arizona?

A properly designed and executed prenuptial agreement is valid and enforceable in Arizona. The articles of the prenuptial agreement itself, as well as the process employed in the formation and execution of signatures on any prenuptial agreement in Arizona, are the two most important aspects of creating a prenuptial agreement that a judge will enforce.

A prenuptial agreement must be written and signed by both parties to be effective and enforceable. However, there are additional factors that may impact the legality of a prenuptial agreement in Arizona, such as:

  • Whether the agreement is ethically reprehensible or not;
  • If both parties signed the contract freely and willingly;
  • Whether both parties honestly and correctly declared their assets and financial responsibilities before signing the agreement; and
  • The extent to which one party was aware of the other side’s assets or obligations.

If a prenuptial agreement is drafted incorrectly, a judge might declare it unenforceable. It is essential to have your contract analyzed by an experienced attorney before signing it to ensure that the court does not claim your prenup null and void. Contact The Dodds Law Firm, PLC, now to guide you!

How Long Is A Prenuptial Agreement Valid In Arizona?

While prenuptial agreements are permanent, sentiments change with time, and you may discover that a prenuptial agreement is no longer essential later in your marriage. If you or your spouse decide that you no longer desire a prenuptial agreement, you can withdraw the agreement terms through a signed document containing your signature and the written acknowledgment of your spouse.

In addition, you can insert a “sunset provision” in your prenuptial agreement that defines when the document will expire. This time duration might range between 2 and 30 years.

What is a Postnuptial Agreement?

A postnuptial agreement is similar to a prenuptial agreement, except it is entered into after you and your spouse have been married rather than before you marry. A postnuptial agreement requires you and your spouse to reveal all of the money and property you now hold, including separate and marital property. You also define your rights and obligations during the marriage, including how you will share your money and property in the case of divorce or the death of one or both of you.

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Whether you are engaged or married, The Dodds Law Firm, PLC can assist you in drafting or evaluating any prenuptial or postnuptial agreement. We give proficient guidance on your rights during the agreement drafting process and aid you in projecting what grounds of disagreement may develop in a subsequent divorce procedure. Contact our Law Firm immediately if you have questions about Arizona’s prenuptial or postnuptial agreements or need legal representation.

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