Asking for a divorce is a big step in your life, as this is sure to change your relationship and future forever. You shouldn’t approach this conversation until you’re absolutely sure that divorce is the answer to your marital problems.

As you prepare to ask for a divorce, here are some tips you can use to get in the right frame of mind:

  • Have a plan: Know what you want to say and how to respond to your spouse, regardless of their reaction. When you plan for everything, you’ll feel confident in your ability to push the conversation forward.
  • Get to the point: You don’t want to dance around the subject, as it’ll place additional stress on you and your spouse. Get to the point, be gentle with your approach and stick to your plan. Your spouse may beg you to reconsider, but if you’re sure that divorce is the answer, you should continue forward.
  • Leave the details for a later date: It’s tempting to discuss the details of your divorce, such as who will have custody of your children and who gets to keep the family home. Discussing these details when tension is high can result in an argument you don’t want to have.

When you follow these tips when asking for a divorce, you’re putting yourself in position for success. There’s nothing you can do to completely eliminate the stress associated with the divorce process, but you can take small steps in making things as easy as possible for you, your spouse and your children.