There may come a point in your life when you realize you’re unable to make your child support payments as required by the court. While you can’t stop making payments, you have the legal right to request a modification.

Here are the most important steps to follow to get a child support modification:

  • Learn more about the process: For example, find out what the court requires in order to consider your request for a child support modification. This allows you to collect and submit all the necessary information.
  • Talk to the other parent: It’s tough to do, but getting on the same page as the other parent is a good idea. If they agree to a child support modification, you’re more likely to receive the approval of the court. It’s always worth a try.
  • Document your change in circumstances: The court isn’t going to approve your child support modification request for no reason. You must prove that your financial circumstances have changed, such as through a job loss or serious illness.
  • Keep making payments the best you can: Even if you’re struggling financially, continue to make payments to the best of your ability. You’re required to pay your obligation in full until you receive a modification from the court.

There is no guarantee that the court will approve your request for a child support modification, but that shouldn’t stop you. Instead, learn more about your legal rights and take the necessary steps to position yourself for success. With the right approach, you may soon find that you qualify for a modification.