No one can predict with absolute certainty what the future will bring, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t prepare for as many contingencies as possible. This maxim is certainly true when it comes to drafting a well-written parenting agreement.

With a careful eye for the future, two Arizona parents can include provisions and agreements within their parenting plan to both ensure they’re on the same page and to offer guidelines for conflict resolution should an insurmountable disagreement ever arise.

With these important goals in mind, there are specific topics that Arizona parents should cover in their parenting plans.

Physical custody

Physical custody determines which parent the children will live with most days. Sole physical custody involves the children only living with one parent, while joint physical custody could involve the children living in both homes.


Parents need to provide details pertaining to regular visitations between the noncustodial parent and the children. Where will exchanges take place? When will visits happen? How long will the visits last?

How holidays will be shared

One area that could erupt into conflict and disagreement relates to holiday and vacation time sharing. Parents should clearly indicate their intentions for sharing holidays and school breaks like Christmas, Hanukkah, Thanksgiving, Easter, spring break, summer break and more.

Do you need help drafting the right kind of parenting plan? An experienced family law attorney will know exactly what kinds of questions to ask and precisely what to look for to help you identify the most important topics to cover in your parenting agreement to avoid the threat of future disagreements and difficulties.