As you attempt to settle your child custody case outside of court, you’ll find yourself negotiating a variety of terms with your spouse. Every decision you make is included in a parenting agreement. This document is designed to help both parents understand their legal rights and responsibilities in the future.

Once you settle on the terms of the parenting agreement, it’s submitted to a family law judge for final approval. While not always required, you may be asked to attend an informal court hearing to answer some basic questions from the judge. This is primarily to ensure that both individuals understand what they’re signing.

What happens after a violation?

Since a parenting agreement is a binding court order, it’s imperative for both parents to follow the terms at all times. A violation is a big deal, as it can affect all parties involved.

If your ex violates the agreement, talk to them about what went wrong and how to avoid a similar situation in the future. Should the problem persist, review your parenting agreement in detail to ensure that you understand the legal rights of both parents. If the time comes, don’t hesitate to go to court to enforce the agreement and potentially modify it.

A parenting agreement violation takes on many forms, such as if your ex neglects to return your children at the agreed upon time after a visit.

Understanding your parenting agreement and legal rights will help you fight for those rights. It’s not something you want to do, but taking legal action may be your only option.