Everyone is talking about the rise in divorce after the age of 50 as if it were a strange phenomenon. However, if you set aside the fact that the divorce process can be different because older spouses have more assets to divvy up, the reasons for an older couple’s divorce tend to be the same as for their younger counterparts. The top divorce reasons for younger spouses — like infidelity, substance abuse, “growing apart” or “not being in love anymore” — are also the top reasons for older spouses.

Here are a few other factors that could inspire an older couple who has been together for decades to finally end their marital union:

Societal perceptions about divorce are changing: This has made it easier for younger and older spouses to pull the plug on their marriages.

Marital difficulties become more painful and apparent with time: The older one gets, the more the pain of a relationship can worsen until one side of the marriage finally decides to act.

We’re living longer and longer: The average lifespan is 78.8 and 81.2 for men and women respectively. As individuals live longer, they may feel the pressure of not having a lot of time left to truly “enjoy” their lives. This could inspire someone to make a dramatic change through divorce.

There are more older, open-minded people now: The baby boomer generation has long been famous for pushing the edge of cultural norms. Compared to the older generations that came before them, they are more likely to discard the notion of “until death do us part.” Plus, considering the sheer size of the baby boomer generation, there are more of them, and therefore, the number of divorces associated with older people will naturally rise.

If you’re over the age of 50 and planning to get a divorce, there are unique factors you’ll want to consider from a financial perspective. Therefore, if you’re ready to end your marriage, you may want to familiarize yourself with Arizona marital property division laws.