Getting down on one knee to propose marriage is a big step in a person’s life. In many cases, this comes along with a nice ring to put on the woman’s finger. Many people just assume that the wedding will go off without a hitch after the proposal, but this isn’t always the case.

For some people, the wedding is called off before it happens. The big question that comes up in those cases, as well as in some divorces, involves the engagement ring. The person who purchased the wedding ring might want to have it returned to them. From a legal standpoint, there is a chance that this will happen, but there is a greater chance that it won’t.

There are a few different points that can determine what will happen. The first is whether the wedding happened or not. Typically, the woman can keep her engagement ring and wedding band if the wedding occurred. This is because she fulfilled the conditional contract to marry the man. This conditional contract began when she accepted the ring.

The exception to this rule if the marriage does occur is when the ring was a family heirloom from the man’s family. In this case, often the ring would need to be returned to the man.

If the wedding didn’t occur, things a bit more complicated. The reason for the breakup, the value of the ring and other similar factors can all impact the outcome in these cases. The court, if it must hear the case, will look carefully into what options are available for dealing with the ring if there isn’t a wedding.

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