Wills Attorney in Surprise, AZ

One cannot stress the importance of a will enough. A will is a document that bears your final wishes and what you wish to be done to your estate. Imagining what fate your loved ones will meet without you caring for them is a terrifying thought and this is the reason why writing a will is essential. Wills ease your loved ones of the pressure of knowing what to do with your estate.

It might be a stretch, but the best way to show your loved ones you care is by writing a will. Knowing the process of writing a will such as what information to include like assets and liabilities and the naming of your executor is important. This to-do list will help take care of your next of kin when you’ve passed on.

Writing a will can be confusing and sometimes daunting, especially if you don’t have much of an idea about it. Enlisting legal assistance from a Surprise, AZ wills attorney can greatly reduce the stress you may get when putting together a will. Wills attorneys are well-versed in this particular field of estate planning and can help you craft a will that’s sure to put everything into place once you’ve gone.

Don’t sit around and wait for the last minute. Get help from a wills attorney in writing your will now to make sure your family is in good hands. A wills attorney can explain difficult concepts about the estate plan, instruct you on what information to put on your will, and ensure that your family carries out your last wishes and is able to celebrate your legacy.

What is a Will?

A will is a legal document that entails specific instructions on how to care for a deceased’s estate, their children, and other specifications including the distribution of assets. Wills got their origins in ancient Rome where the main idea was providing instructions for beneficiaries regarding inheritance, with many of the instructions and themes existing in today’s laws. Wills ensure that you are protecting your assets and your family after you’ve passed on.

What Is the Purpose of A Will?

Wills are designed to protect the decedent’s family and offer clear instructions on what should be done to their estate when they die. It also appoints an executor who will be in charge of handling the estate of the decedent. It is a common notion that one must be old and dying to create a will, but the fact of the matter is you can write a will as soon as you are 18 years old. Preparedness is always the key, get in touch with a Surprise, AZ wills attorney who can help you with drafting your will and other estate law concerns.

What Should Be Included in My Will?

The purpose of a will is to provide protection to the next of kin, ensure effective property distribution, and allow you to express your wishes regarding particular actions you wish to be done upon your death. Wills ensure that property can be left in the hands of either a trusted person or an executor. There are particular things that should be found in a will, including:

  • Assets and Liabilities in the estate
  • Account for assets you own
  • Executor you trust to handle your estate
  • Beneficiaries or Heirs

Should you die intestate or without a will, a court will be responsible for determining property distribution and guardianship for your children and these aren’t often in accordance with what we want. This makes it all the more urgent to get in touch with a wills attorney who can help you write a will and make sure all your wishes are followed accordingly to ensure that your loved ones are cared for the way you want them to be.

A Will & Trust in AZ to Protect Your Family

Thinking about one’s mortality is not something most people like to do, but planning for the unthinkable is a must for every Arizona father, mother, home or business owner. Our estate planning attorneys can help you prepare for and protect you, your family and your assets from lawsuits, taxes, probate and long term care. Call to speak to an Arizona Will & Trusts attorney today.

Can I Change My Will?

Changing a will is possible and it is recommended that you consult with a wills attorney well versed in estate planning every three to five years so that you can update the will based on your current situation and priorities. Codicils or wills are drafted in a personalized manner, taking into account your lifestyle and factors that affect it.

What are Living Wills?

Living wills are also known as healthcare directives. Healthcare directives have certain instructions that should be followed in the event you become incapacitated and can no longer make sound decisions. Living wills also indicate any preferences for treatment and organ donation.

What Should I Not Include in My Will?

There are certain properties you shouldn’t include in your will. Not everything has to be spelled out to the dot. Here are some properties that shouldn’t be included in a will:

  • Property with a Right of Survivorship-Joint tenancy entails that when you pass on, your property will automatically go to the person you share it with. A will provision leaving the share has no effect unless all persons die simultaneously.
  • Properties Placed in a Trust-If you place your property in a trust, the beneficiary will automatically inherit it, as you cannot pass this kind of property in a will.
  • Property with a Named Beneficiary-Certain properties wherein a beneficiary has already been named must not be included in the will. Properties such as transfer on death accounts and pay on death accounts shouldn’t be included. Others include proceeds in life insurance with a beneficiary indicated, money in pension plan, or retirement plan.

What is a Holographic Will?

A holographic will is a document written and signed by the testator. A holographic will’s validity is harder to prove in the probate court, especially when the testator has already passed away. This situation is complicated since there aren’t really any witnesses present when the holographic will was signed. While this is an alternative, nothing beats the more formal one written with the help of a lawyer and signed with witnesses. Holographic wills are legal in certain states and Arizona being one of them. Should you consider holographic wills, be sure to consult with estate planning lawyers. These legal experts have the knowledge to guide you in making the wisest decisions for your future.

Seek Legal Advice from a Wills Attorney

It is reiterated that a will is an important document to have and it doesn’t matter if you’re 18 or 80-having a will is a must. Your estate requires a will for it to be probated and wills ensure that your final wishes are followed. If you need help in drafting a will, get in touch with The Dodds Law Firm, PLC. A wills attorney will help you draft your will and offer legal representation.