Many people don’t think about what they want their final days on Earth to be like, but this is actually something that you need to consider when making an estate plan. These final days can have many facets. When you mull the options you want, don’t forget about the level of medical intervention you want to accept.

One thing that many people don’t like to think about is whether they might not be able to speak up for what they want and don’t want. This is why you need to make sure that you leave very specific written instructions for your medical care.

In your estate plan, you can name a health care proxy. This person will make decisions about all of your medical care once you are no longer able. You must ensure that your proxy is familiar with all of your preferences. You can even include these preferences in the estate plan so that there is no confusion later.

We realize that this might be a lot for you to absorb. Thinking about whether you want life-saving measures or a feeding tube isn’t any fun. You should remember that if you make these choices now, your family won’t be placed in a difficult position of having to determine what you want.

Your estate plan should outline everything that you want your family to know about health care, finances and your final wishes. The more detail you provide in these documents, the easier you will make it for them to deal with your final days and the time period after your death. We can help you gt everything together.